Homelessness In San Diego

San Diego is home to thousands of unsheltered people. Who are they? Each year the San Diego Regional Task Force on The Homeless conducts a count of the local homeless population known as the WeAllCount Campaign. Last year, the WeAllCount reported that the total number of homeless in 2016 was 8,692 people, a number that decreased 6% from 2015. Between 2015-2016 there was a 18.9% increase in the number of homeless people living without shelter. 70.2% of the local homeless population in San Diego became homeless in San Diego. 58.6% of the total population of homeless across San Diego county are located in The City of San Diego area. 26.5% of San Diego’s chronically homeless are United States veterans, a percentage which is 16.2% lower than it was in 2015. Perhaps the mostly highly contested portion of 2016’s WeAllCount campaign is the annual count of unaccompanied homeless youth. The report states that only 830 unaccompanied homeless youth reside on the streets of San Diego with 69% reporting they are unsheltered. Many local organizations that directly serve unsheltered youth criticized the low numbers with some organizations suggesting that the actual number may be double what the campaign reports. Although some may call to attention the limits of the WeAllCount report, the numbers it communicates give us some idea of the diversity of those affected by homelessness in San Diego. What are their stories? To answer this question The AjA Project used a question bridge to explore the impact that homelessness has on members of our community through (Un)sheltered+Conversations.

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