About The AjA Project

The AjA Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization headquartered in San Diego, California. Utilizing participatory photography methods and an assets-based model, AjA’s programs provide a tool for creative expression and critical dialogue. Since its founding, AjA has provided long-term, community-based programming for over 3500 individuals, and has shared visual narratives with over 3 million viewers through large-scale public exhibits.

Working from a social ecology methodology that believes a shift in cultural awareness and inclusion can only be achieved when change occurs simultaneously on the individual and social levels, AjA annually installs both small and large-scale public exhibits across San Diego. These exhibits serve to intersect the participant’s experience with the larger community, and increase intercultural understanding by illuminating the parallels of the human experience.


The AjA Project
PO BOX 15695, San Diego CA, 92175

Email: uc@ajaproject.org
Phone: 619.223.7001
Website: ajaproject.org